Analysis of development status of geotextile industry

Dec 12, 2019  |  by CT
Since 2018, under the guidance of the China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association, with the support of the majority of member companies in the industry, the Geosynthetics Branch of China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association has made some achievements in promoting the development of the industry and promoting the progress of enterprises.

1. Overall annual operation
The geotextile industry in 2018 faces a better internal and external environment. First, geotechnical production enterprises actively explore the environmental engineering market, and have achieved good results in landfills, tailings treatment, petroleum exploration, industrial anti-seepage and ecological slope protection. A variety of products suitable for environmental protection have become new growth point of the geomaterials industry. The second is that geotechnical production enterprises actively respond to the new situation, develop new products, open up new markets, focus on the international market, and have achieved certain results. Third, the Geosyntheticsl Branch has developed into a whole integrating production, government, scientific research, design research and development, inspection, testing, engineering applications, and equipment, raw materials and other upstream and downstream linkages.

2. Scientific and technological development of the industry
The geotextile industry takes building “beautiful China” as its mission, focuses on product research and development, technological innovation, and strengthens market expansion. The sustainable development of key clusters and leading companies in 2018 has contributed to the geotextile industry.
2.1 Industrial cluster construction
The geosynthetics industry in the Lingcheng District of Dezhou, Shandong has formed a complete industrial chain, with 68 varieties of leading products, 500 production lines of various types, a capacity of 800,000 ton, and the product market share is over 45%. In 2018, the main business revenue of geotechnical materials enterprises above designated size in the region increased by 16.2% year-on-year, and profits increased by 18.0% year-on-year, and 10 companies paid taxes of over one million yuan.
2.2 China polyester spunbonded technology equipment and product research and development base (Dalian Huayang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.)
“China polyester spunbonded technology equipment and product R & D base” was established in 2015 based on Dalian Huayang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. In April 2018, it passed an expert review organized by the China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association. In the future, the construction of the base will focus on achieving breakthroughs in the four areas of compensating for shortcomings, promoting application, strengthening innovation, and emphasizing demonstration, improving the original innovation ability of the enterprise, enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise, doing a good role of the industry’s leading demonstration, and promoting the high-quality development of the industry .
2.3 China non-woven materials R & D base for geotechnical construction (Tiandingfeng Holdings Co., Ltd.)
In March 2019, experts from the China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association organized a review of “China non-woven materials R & D base for geotechnical construction”. The base relies on Tiandingfeng Nonwovens Co., Ltd., which was established in 2016. After three years of operation and development, it has perfected the one-step polyester spunbonded needle punched tire base fabric production process and equipment, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of products and reduces the labor by half; successfully developed coarse-density polypropylene filament nonwoven geotechnical materials, and developed glass fiber reinforced polyester spunbonded needle punched base fabric production lines.
The base passed the re-evaluation and was renamed the “China non-woven materials R & D base for geotechnical construction”. In the future, we will continue to strengthen the research and development of key technologies for polyester spunbonded needle punched base fabrics, promote the diversified research and application of non-woven materials for geotechnical construction, and expand and promote the implementation of intelligent manufacturing.
2.4 China geotechnical nonwovens R & D base (Weifang Tuowang Industrial Co., Ltd.)
In November 2018, experts from China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association organized a review of the “China geotechnical nonwovens R & D base” (Weifang Tuowang Industrial Co., Ltd.). As a growing company, Tuowang is committed to the development and production of polyester filament spunbonded non-woven geotextiles, polyester base fabrics and geomembrane, with remarkable achievements in recent years.

3. Construction of standard system
“Industrial upgrading, standards first”, industry standardization has risen to the level of product strategy, corporate strategy, national strategy, and its role is being transformed into direct comprehensive effects such as technology, safety, and quality. In recent years, with the in-depth development of geosynthetics in various industries and fields, and continuous innovation in market research and development technologies, new geosynthetics have been emerging, which has put forward a realistic demand for improving the geosynthetics standard system.
4. International technology exchange
The geotextile industry actively implements the national “Belt and Road” initiative, conducts international technical exchanges and market trade. By going global to participate in exhibitions and conferences, it not only brings the display of “made in China” geotechnical products, but also learns the experience of other countries, fully communicates the international advanced technology and application design of geotextile products, and organized to participate in the 2018 China International Trade Fair for Technical Textile and Nonwovens and the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics.

5. Market prospect analysis
5.1 Transportation
The “13th Five-Year Plan” for the development of a modern comprehensive transportation system issued by the state. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the total investment scale of transportation will reach 15 trillion yuan, of which 3.5 trillion yuan for railways, 7.8 trillion yuan for highways, 0.65 trillion yuan for civil aviation and 0.5 trillion yuan for water transportation. The implementation of this plan has brought dividends to the development of the geotechnical materials industry.
5.2 Infrastructure
Last year, the National Development and Reform Commission required that starting from June 6, 2018, five types of projects, such as railways, highways, pipelines, water conservancy, and urban railroads, must be tendered. As the important engineering materials, the varieties, specifications and functions of geotextiles have developed rapidly, and the number and scope of applications in railway, highway, water conservancy, urban construction and municipal infrastructure have been continuously expanded. The reform policies have promoted bidding work. There are also a number of favorable factors such as the promulgation of technical standards, which provide technical support and guarantee for the application of geotechnical materials, further regulate the domestic geotechnical materials market, and promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the industry.
5.3 Water resources development
According to the notice of the Ministry of Water Resources, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the National Ecological Civilization Experimental Area are the key areas to improve the water ecological environment through governance. This is another good news for the geotextile market.
5.4 Trash disposal
From January 1, 2018, China has banned the import of “foreign garbage”. From July 1, 2019, the Shanghai Municipality’s Regulations on the Management of Domestic Garbage will be implemented. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced that garbage classification will be implemented in 46 key cities across the country, of which 9 cities, including Beijing, have already issued regulations for the management of domestic garbage, which clearly includes the classification of garbage into the legal framework. The “global problem” of garbage disposal has also expanded the market application of geotextile synthetic materials.     
 (Source: China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association)



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