CCPIT provides key material supply and demand information to more than 20 countries and injects positive energy into global pandemic resistance

Apr 02, 2020  |  by zhaoxh

Recently, China’s successful experience in virus prevention and control has gained valuable time for countries around the world to prevent and control pandemic. At the moment of crisis of the global pandemic, China proactively provided assistance to medical experts, anti-pandemic experience, and medical supplies to many countries in the world. CNTAC, CCPIT TEX take proactive actions to quickly approve nearly 40 medical material production companies such as masks, protective clothing, goggles, etc., to contact 25 government departments and industry associations in 16 countries and regions, as well as 9 embassies and consulates in China, so as to provide the help to alleviate the shortage of medical resources and fight against the pandemic in various countries.
Among these companies, not only are companies specializing in the production of masks, protective clothing, and medical equipment, but also well-known textile and clothing companies that have fulfilled industry responsibilities during the pandemic and added relevant medical material production lines. As of press time, the list of Chinese companies is still expanding, and the CCPIT’s overseas contacts will not stop. The pandemic has no national borders, and solidarity and cooperation among countries are the most powerful weapon to overcome the pandemic. China’s textile industry with international advantages will fight the pandemic with the world’s textile industry.





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