“China Textile City Cup” 2019 Global Fashion Design Elite Challenge Top 20

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Aug 21, 2019  |  by CT

On August 13, advised by China National Textile and Apparel Council, sponsored by People’s Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, and jointly organized by Construction Management Committee of China Textile City, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, China Textile Magazine, China Fashion Association, Fashion Dream Incubator, and WWW.QFC.CN, “China Textile City Cup” 2019 Global Fashion Design Elite Challenge Creative Proposal Review Meeting was held in Beijing. After the judging, 20 domestic and foreign designers stood out from more than 400 manuscripts worldwide. These design elites will gather at Shaoxing Keqiao on September 27th to compete in the finals of the Elite Challenge held during the World Textile Merchandising Conference.

In the initial evaluation of the competition, the organizer invited the honorary president of the China Fashion Culture Promotion Association, the founder of the “Brothers Cup” China International Fashion Youth Designers Competition, and the winner of the China Costume Meritorious Award, Li Xin; the Founder of Fashion Design of the School of Design, CAFA, Doctoral Supervisor, Professor Lv Yue; Professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Doctoral Supervisor, Committee member of the Board of Directors of China Fashion Association Zou You; Vice President of Zhejiang Baoding Design Co., Ltd., Wu Jianming; President and Editor-in-Chief of China Textile Magazine Xu Hong, served as judges. Professional judges from the arts, fashion, corporate and media sectors have reviewed the creative proposals from multiple dimensions.

What did the organizers say?

Highlights 1: Global layout, positioning masters
Since its launch in July, all parties have joined hands for global promotion. In less than 30 days, they have received designer works from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Japan, Canada, India, Egypt, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Iran, Djibouti, Fiji Islands, Congo, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, China, more than 50 international cutting-edge brand studio designers from 18 countries and regions, as well as nearly 400 domestic designers, designer brands, studios and graduates from well-known fashion colleges at home and abroad participated.
Highlights 2: Realizing industrial docking
The theme of this competition is “Fashion Transformation”. From the beginning of drafting, participants will be guided to design systematically and creatively from various dimensions such as lifestyle, color, fabric texture, functionality, green environmental protection, and so on. It highlights the new orientation and label of “technology, fashion and green” textiles. Therefore, in this competition works, we can clearly feel the designer’s deep thinking on the theme and self-personality. When focusing on the practical application of the transformation of “China’s smart-made” fabrics and garments, the works more perfect system of the current fashion trend, the organic combination of technology with fashion and green.
For the finalists, the designer’s brand showroom will be opened at the show floor to provide designers with more business matching opportunities.
Highlight 3: Feel the charm of textile city online and offline
In order to enhance the integration of Chinese fabrics with fashion, the competition cooperates with www.tnc.com.cn and WWW.QFC.CN, providing a fabric account worth 1,500 yuan for all the finalists, so that designers can perceive the fashion charm of the fabrics from Keqiao China Textile City without leaving home.
The endless opportunity of the “Belt and Road”, the fashion opportunity of “Silk Road in Keqiao, connect whole world together”, and the opportunity to build “textile city”. The fertile soil of industry and the source of creativity undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for the strong opening of this competition.
Highlight 4: Global Media Promotion Make the event unique
In order to enhance the international influence of the competition, in addition to the traditional newspapers, the Internet and the TV media, the organizers also cooperated with the live broadcast platform to enhance the communication effect of the competition. Fashion creativity + Keqiao fabrics, new retail + webcast, top show team + diversified promotion... This is destined to be the top international event.
It is worth mentioning that the organizers also used their media advantages to promote the event through the journal of China National Textile and Apparel Council - China Textile Magazine, and the industry’s only paper-print English textile magazine - CHINA TXETILE, providing bilingual English and Chinese online consultation services to participants from all over the world.

What did the judges say?

Li Xin, winner of the China Costume Meritorious Award
“The overall level of competitors in this competition is very high, and the completeness and quality of creative proposals are also very high. Although it is only a month from planning to full promotion, the competition attracts nearly 400 professional designers from all over the world in a short period of time. It can be seen that the high-end positioning, precise docking and meticulous service of the competition meet the needs of the designers. In addition, it also shows the influence of China Textile City as the world’s largest textile business market. I believe that the showdown between the masters will make the final stage more exciting, and let all the finalists get more.”
As a senior expert in the industry and judges of many competitions, Li Xin said: “During the evaluation process, many works have well demonstrated the theme of “Fashion Transformation”, emphasizing the new orientation of textile “technology, fashion, green”.
Speaking about the next part of garment production, Li Xin said that she hoped that the finalists could find their own materials in the fashionable fabrics in China Textile City and make more perfect garments.

Professor Lv Yue, Doctoral Supervisor, the Founder of Fashion Design of the School of Design, CAFA
“This competition is different from other competitions in that the organizers use China Textile Magazine and CHINA TXETILE as the links and platforms of the competition, striving to bring more professional, more authoritative, higher specifications and more industrial value to the industry. Therefore, from the overall point of view, in the selection of competitors’ works, the judges are strict and earnest. We hope that the final players can keep improving in the production process and make the competition show extraordinary results. In addition, since the setting of the event has already been considered differently, I hope that the players’ works will be more stylized and personalized. After all, the designer who can build his own system is the most promising designer.

Zou You, Professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Doctoral Supervisor, Committee member of the Board of Directors of China Fashion Association
“I have a few feelings through this review. First of all, there are more and more young designers engaged in fashion design, showing a strong vitality and adding more fresh blood to the Chinese garment industry. Secondly, this competition attracts players from different countries participated in the competition. From the entries, we can see that the design field is in a global integration. In addition, young designers must have their own unique design attitude, and the works must be recognizable. In the future, designers must have unique judgment and differentiate from the expression of others’ personality. This is the foundation that young designers must have in the future.”

Wu Jianming, Vice President of Zhejiang Baoding Design Co., Ltd.
“From the judging process of this competition, we can see that the competition is very international. Many of the participating designers are from abroad. The design works represent different design features and design languages. Overall, most of the entries collected in this competition are grasping the future development direction and matching the fashion trends, the participating designers have exerted their own imagination and designed a younger and more sporty trend.” Wu Jianming introduced that Baoding, as a design company, has signed more than 300 fashion designers and set up R&D centers in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tokyo and Paris. It has strategic cooperation with many well-known designer alliances in China, Italy, France and other countries. The company also has deep strategic cooperation with many fabric enterprises in China Textile City. With the promotion of fashion in China Textile City, it will also provide more inspiration for the development of global fashion enterprises.

Xu Hong, President and Editor-in-Chief of China Textile Magazine 
“From the beginning of the project, the competition brought together all the powerful resources, through the integration and sharing of resources, and then created a new event, which is also consistent with the theme of the “Fashion Transformation” event. We hope to join hands with China Textile City to build a docking platform for global fashion creative talents to turn ideas into value. We also hope to guide the industry to start from the source of creativity – fabrics, and enhance the innovation and transformation of China’s fashion industry. It is the sincerity of the parties to the industry to promote the industry. In less than a month, the competition successfully attracted design elites from 18 countries and regions around the world. In the future, we will use China Textile Magazine, CHINA TXETILE as the link and platform of the event, the team strives to bring more professional, more authoritative, higher specification and more industrial value event finals to the industry, as well as to enable more global design resources to settle in Keqiao, helping Keqiao fabric is all over the world.”
Shortlist list of “China Textile City Cup” 2019 Global Fashion Design Elite Challenge
Natascha Wanvestraut
Irida Malka
Jana Blank
the Netherlands
Chiara Rossi
Ksenia Kolesnikova
Golden Cage Bird
Zhangeldiyeva Moldir
East beauty
Porramace Ponglarpprasert
Darkside Birth of Venus
Reflection and Appearance
Jadeine Whiteside
Fiji Islands
The Vanua
Hu Yu
Blind Side
Xi Xi
Sleepwalking Series
Sun Binhe
Fan Yixian
Zhi Yan Yu Jin纸烟余烬
Chen Jing
Yesterday’s World
Yu Chenqi
Fragile & Strong
Wang Ziwei
Fashion Transformation, Lover Buzz, Transformation New Life
Shen Tingyu
Northern Coast北方海岸
Chen Yongmei
The Wish of Koi锦鲤的愿望
Jin Yongxuan
Strong Wind






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