The dream of linen fashion comes with ancient Zhenze genes

Xinshen Linen & Sunlin 2018 S/S China Fashion Week press conference
Nov 12, 2017  |  by Zhao Zihan

Xinshen Linen & Sunlin 2018 S/S Fashion Trend press conference was held during 2018 S/S Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week on November 4th, 2017. Zhenze, an ancient town, also known as China Silk Town and China Linen Town, is the place where the fashion dream of Xinshen Linen started.
The genes of green fashion
Zhenze is away from the city noises. Classical elegance has become a chic fashion today, attracting people around for leisure.

Linen, reputed as “Queen of Fiber”, is not only green and natural, but also healthy and comfortable, help people in the city feel the simplicity of returning to nature. Now, thanks to Sun Lin, the designer of Xinshen Linen & a linen fabric dreamer for Xinshen, this kind of green fiber has been spun into fabrics and made into garments, coming to the stage of Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week from the fields in Normandy of France and the Belgium. The show displays the linen fabric trends, and Sun Lin can be said as a fashion spokesman of linen industry in China.  

The gene
s of cultural innovation
In Zhenze, the innovation of silk and linen culture can be seen everywhere: the silk and linen experience centers crowded with visitors, creative design competition, Wujiang Silk Culture Creative Park, business travel and cultural cooperation ...
Its gene of cultural innovation sees more abundant embodiment in Xinshen Linen. Sun Lin, a designer who has deep affection to linen culture, tried to get to the root of Chinese linen culture, and integrated it to modern fashion design to create a series of linen fashion shows. Over 100 well-known clothing brands at home and abroad are gathered to further extend the fashion trends through development and production of branded linen clothing; thus, the beautiful linen clothes that the models exhibited on the stage of Fashion Week can also enter the public wardrobe, achieving a continuous upgrading of “Culture → Fashion → Productivity”.

The genes of sharing
In Zhenze, visitors enjoy the beauty of food; shops enjoy the prosperous town business; residents enjoy the circulating and open atmosphere of life; businesses enjoy the sustained dividend that the silk and linen creative culture has made. Co-creation, experience, and sharing was engraved in each tile of the ancient town.

The dividend of Xinshen Linen & Sun Lin China Fashion Week Press Conference will also spread to more people: the brands can harvest the latest linen fabric trends and make it into their own products;the public will have more options of linen garments; designers have an international platform for exchanging and showcasing; fashion media could gain insight into the latest fashion trends to add China linen symbol into the international fashion circle; the linen industry enjoys more fashion spokesman ...

Xinshen Linen Village is a greater sharing base: Xinshen Linen Fabric Library mainly focuses on fabric display, innovative research and development, customization; Xinshen Linen Experience Center displays the lifestyle with linen products in the form of finished products; the Linen Maker Space gathers designers and makers; the Linen Culture Communication Center promotes linen culture; “Linen Element”offline experience store is able to closer the distance between the fabric and consumers.

Xinshen Linen & Sunlin 2018 S/S China Fashion Week press conference comes with the genes of Zhenze town, and also it is the the dream maker of linen fabric trends in the next season. Moreover, Xinshen is also seeing integration with the ancient town tourism, food, and culture consumption to build a complete ecosystem with linen as the axis. Taking full advantages of the linen industrial chain, so that all people would share the comfortable and healthy linen fashion life.





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