“Silk City (Shengze) Fashion Show” came to the stage of China Fashion Week

Nov 04, 2017  |  by Zhao Zihan

“Silk City (Shengze) Fashion Show” was staged in Workshop, 751D · PARK, Beijing on November, 3rd, 2017. The outstanding fabric enterprises of Shengze Textile Industry Cluster made their debut on the stage of China Fashion Week. The show is sponsored by Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and co-organized by China Textile Information Center, China Textiles Development Center, Office for Social Responsibility of China National Textile and Apparel Council, and China Eastern Silk Market Management Committee.

Chen Dapeng, Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Zhang Qinghui, Chairman of China Fashion Association, Qiao Yanjin, Director of China Textile Information Center, Li Binhong, Director of China Textiles Development Center, Yan Yan, Social Responsibility Office Director of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Yang Jian, Vice Chairman of China Fashion Association, Li Bo, Deputy Director of China Textile Information Center, Qi Mei, Vice President of China Fashion & Color Association, Zhao Juguang, Deputy Director of Wujiang Hi-tech Zone Management Committee, Deputy Secretary of CPC of Shenze Town, Director of China Eastern Silk Market Management Committee, Hu Weibiao, Director of China Eastern Silk Market Management Office, Liu Yong, “Jinding Award” winner, and other guests attended the show.
“Silk City (Shengze) Fashion Show” was designed by Liu Yong, together with 17 award-winning fabrics businesses of “The 2nd China Eco-friendly Fabric Design Competition (Shengze)”, with a combined theme of such three series as military, dark and elegant to highlight the design concept of “fashion comes from life” and make an interpretation of Shengze quality fabric trends including eco-environment protection, elegant fashion and athleisure. It gave a full display of the new fashion of Shengze textile industry, namely “science and technology, fashion, and green”.

Zeng Lingling, Chief Female Model in China

Yao Yang, Chief Male Model in China

“Shengze is a silk textile town with a long history and one of the four largest silk belts in China. Shengze is rich in fabric resources, not only for elegant women’s and men’s wear, but also sports and trendy style. This set of design is to show the rich diversity and possibility of Shengze fabrics in the field of garments, while the ‘eco-friendly’ attributes endow these fabrics with much more charming.” Liu Yong told the reporters.

Treasure originates from Fabric Capital
At present, Shengze Town has more than 2,500 textile enterprises and over 6,800 textile and commerce companies. Shengze Textile Industry Cluster is equipped with a total of 250,000 looms with an annual output of over 25 billion meters, of which 130,000 looms are located in Shengze Town with an annual output over 13 billion meters, while the national output is about 42 billion meters.
Currently, the town enjoys 3.25 million tons of spinning capacity and 3 billion meters of finishing, dyeing and printing capacity. In China, the largest textile enterprise, the first-class equipment, the largest trading market, and the world’s largest fabric production base are all located in the town. China Eastern Silk Market, “the first cloth market in China”, has been seeing annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan for four consecutive years, and winning the forefront position of China’s textile specialized market for 10 consecutive years.
In an interview after the show, Zhao Juguan said that Shengze textile enterprises have been devoting to the development of fabric innovation for a long time, enjoying the international popular fabrics developed upon the application of modern high technology. The Show is mainly about the eco-friendly products of the outstanding fabric enterprises in Shengze, exhibiting the vitality of the green fabrics.

Shengze Textile Industry Cluster made its debut in China Fashion Week, not only demonstrating its strong comprehensive strength of the textile industry, but also winning extensive attention. He also pointed out that Shengze fabric has gained a certain reputation all over the world and the annual export volume of textile products has reached as high as 1.3 billion U.S. dollars. In the future construction of the Belt and Road, Shengze will open up new markets in ASEAN and other regions. The Show on the stage of China Fashion Week will play a significant role in helping Shengze textile industry go global.

“Ecology” for better upgrading
How to achieve further sustainable and healthy development? The main focus should be planning intelligent distribution, differentiated development and greening process of the industry, and creating Industry 4.0 “Shengze Edition”, so as to continue guiding the industry to high-end development for new competitive advantages in terms of fashion, high end, and functions.
In 2014, the People’s Government of Shengze Town launched the First Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo which has so far successfully held four sessions. Since 2015, the Government has been advancing with the times, together with China Textile Information Center, China Textiles Development Center and Office for Social Responsibility of China National Textile and Apparel Council, to organize eco-friendly fabric design competition for two consecutive sessions.

The concept of “China Eco-friendly Fabric Design Competition” is highly consistent with the development objectives and direction of Shengze textile industry. The competition, rooted in China, not only promoted the transformation of its textile industry and product mix to eco-environmental protection, but also gradually established a resource-saving and environment-friendly textile industry system, driving more textile industry clusters to establish the concept of green development, implement green development strategy, and take a new civilized development road.

39 pieces of fabrics from 28 Shengze textile enterprises won various individual awards and excellence awards, becoming the biggest winner in the competition. Considering that the People’s Government of Shengze Town actively promoted and advanced the innovation and development of textile fabrics to the field of environmental protection and won outstanding achievements, China National Textile and Apparel Council granted the Government “China Textile Fabric R&D Innovation Promotion Award”.

Building an innovative ecosystem to enhance the development of the industrial chain
In Shengze, textile enterprises are encouraged to speed up the upgrade of traditional industries towards “intelligent, differentiated and green” development. The total amount of water jet looms was reduced for the improvement of the whole textile industrial chain, with priority allocation of resources to the high-tech and emerging industries at the top of the industrial chain, such as high-end air-jet looms and warp knitting equipment. In addition, there is also cooperation with China National Textile and Apparel Council, Donghua University, and other institutions to build an innovation ecosystem and enhance the development of the industrial chain.

It is introduced that since June this year, Shengze has been focusing on the upgrading of low-end textile industry, and in the next three years, more than 30,000 water jet looms will be eliminated, while over 20,000 sets of backward production equipment have been eliminated.
Among the green Belt and Road construction, Shengze, as one of the birthplaces of the Silk Road, has ushered in a new opportunity for development and achieved remarkable achievements for all to see. Under the joint efforts of government promotion, industry guidance and outstanding enterprises, Shengze has become the forerunner of ecological civilization construction in the aspects of constructing a green product development system, building a green supply chain, and restructuring and upgrading for the purpose of sustainable development.







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