The 21st Ningbo International Fashion Fair kicked off today

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Oct 19, 2017  |  by Zhao Zihan

The 21st Ningbo International Fashion Fair (IFFAIR hereinafter) kicked off on October 19th, 2017 in Ningbo International Exhibition & Convention Center. The four-day IFFAIR covers an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters with 1,800 booths, and attracts altogether 239 enterprises and 210 brands, including 93 brands from the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia, Pakistan, China Taiwan, and 26 prefecture level cities of mainland China. The IFFAIR is to be highlighted with a series of activities, including fashion shows, forums, and buyer meeting within the whole industrial chain.

As one of the industry’s largest and most influential fashion event, the IFFAIR has attracted more than 100 well-known brands at home and abroad, including YOUNGOR, ROMON, SHANSHAN, TONLION, MAXWIN, AIYIMEI, etc. from home as well as more than 20 overseas brands from 11 countries and regions, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Korea, Russia, etc. The IFFAIR has set up a bridge to lead the international brands successfully into the Chinese market.

The major men’s wear brands such as YOUNGOR, ROMON, and SHANSHAN focus on multi-brand development strategy to tackle the challenges of personalized consumption trends. YOUNGOR launched its sub-brand - Hart Schaffner Marx - a 130-year-old American classic, welcoming the 10th anniversary of its acquisition of the brand’s operation right in China. ROMON opened up a new way for the custom of women’s wear, making the combination of European fashionable design with the delicate tailoring of the experienced Hong Band tailors become the core competitiveness of women’s HAUTE COUTURE. SHANSHAN released the latest men’s fashion trends.

The Women’s Wear Zone ushered in more aesthetic brands of originality and heritage innovation. DANKEYUN showcased the integration of traditional sweater handmade processing and intelligent manufacturing as well as the innovation; STEVE & VIVIAN brought new modern experience in the combination of technology and the Italian fashion.

The kids wear exhibition area is highlighted with guaranteed quality from science, technology, and intelligence. Yuanzhen, a kids wear brand, is well-known for its natural plant dyeing technique, representing an aesthetic attitude of restoring to the original real life, while DC children’s clothing mainly focuses on cotton and linen which are recognized as “children of the nature”.
The designer works display area gathered numerous independent original designers’ brands, including CINDY WEI ZHANG, NUOYI, SU SEAM, UYEN, 5.W, JMJB, SHANZI, LEFT & RIGHT, WENYING, IMAKOKONI, JOLI ABATTAGE, RUYIFANG, Designer X Brand, SU · SE, Hantang Yiyuan, etc. IFFAIR tries to establish a platform for their display and commercial landing.

It is worth mentioning that the newly established Ethnic Costume Zone showcased the hand embroidery of miao minority, Chinese samite, as well as the local clothing products of Buyi minority and Dong minority from Guizhou province. In addition, there were also old-fashioned weaving machine displayed on the site.

Driven by the related policies of “Made in China 2025”, Intelligent Equipment Zone has gathered a lot of garment equipment manufacturers, including not only hardware equipment but also intelligent software system, which will show a number of industry-leading technology to meet the intelligent needs of garment enterprises.
Rising overseas influence to build a cultural exchange bridge
Thanks to the increasing international influence of IFFAIR, more and more international brands would like to choose this fair as the best platform for landing in the Chinese market. The active participation of overseas brands will further improve the international level of the IFFAIR, while the international brands account for 12% of the total this year. There is an international exhibition area specially setup this year, covering various categories such as babies and kids wear, sportswear, fabrics and accessories, and intelligent software.
The baby clothing “YULIKAGO” from Japan uses 100% Japanese-made cotton cloth, plus the use of lovely design and patterns, well-favored by the young mothers in Japan.
IKUJI KOBO, mainly about the baby clothing made of organic cotton, aims at the middle- and high-end market.
HAYAZEN exhibited its high-endn women’s garment made of cashmere, alpaca and wild silk.
The Russian Pavilion includes four men’s, women’s and children’s brand enterprises characterized by high-end leather, fur, and artificial fur.
GEORGE BRUMMELL from the United Kingdom exhibited its pure British gentleman style. Each bespoke garment is individually treated as an artistic work, ensuring it fits its owner even in the smallest detail, but also agrees with the concept of the personalized service of bespoke tailoring that GEORGE BRUMMELL provides.


The new comer Magnal Solutions from Canada is a software company with more than 40 years of experience in intelligent software industry, bringing us a diversified manufacturing wisdom.
In addition, the IFFAIR also introduced ISPO AWARD 2017 ROADSHOW to exhibit the world’s top outdoor sports products of the latest technology.
Fashion trend in the shows
During the IFFAIR, the special release of domestic and overseas brands as well as the designers’ release shows from home and abroad will be respectively staged in Hall 4. The First China International (Ningbo) Young College Students Fashion Design Competition Final opened the curtain of Ningbo International Fashion Week in the evening of October 18th, followed by a series of shows in the coming four days including SHANSHAN, GRSAGA, Steve & Vivian, DANKEYUN, JOJO, WASANU & GOC IN C, Piccolo RE & Mini Mija, etc.

French designer Celine.b and the domestic designer Zhang Qiuer worked together to offer a joint show of both Chinese and Western custom brands.
Ten promising young designers from China Fashion Alliance has come to IFFAIR for seven consecutive years, and they were divided into five groups for release show, respectively displaying their men’s, women’s and kids clothing design works.
New trends in the industry from various forums
The IFFAIR this year still continue to focus on the development of the industry, together with the leaders of the commercial channels and industry experts, organized five forums around the hot topics, including The 3rd China Men’s Wear Summit Forum, The 3rd China Garment Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum and Buyers Meeting, 2017 China “Garment Industry + Internet” Forum and Buyers Meeting, 2017 China Garment Buyers Conference, and The First All Industrial Chain Business Negotiation Conference.





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