China Fashion Alliance Ningbo: Making a wonderful stage pose

Oct 25, 2017  |  by Zhao Zihan
13 new prominent designers from China Fashion Alliance stroke a pose on the stage of Ningbo International Fashion Fair with their new design works including men’s wear, women’s wear, parent-child wear, home textiles, etc.

China Fashion Alliance Ningbo not only welcomed Huang Haibing, CINDY, EVAN, etc. who had attended for several times but also saw the debut comer Chacha, Xu Shan, Ericka, etc. Those outstanding designers who are active in the field of China new prominent design presented their works in a combined form of static and dynamic shows.
Dynamic show

The works are mainly made of soft fabrics for the expression of women’s beautiful shapes. The colors are mostly white, black, bright orange, and caramel, while the contours are chiefly loose, comfortable, and drooping, plus the original Chinese style patterns as well as printing and embroidery. The fabrics used are mainly comfortable cotton, silk, and milk satin with comfortable, clean and neat feeling.

EVAN - 5W 
In this session, 5.W is featured with mix-and-match of the luxury court in the 17th century and the rock elements in the 60s, seeing nirvana and rebirth of various elements such as lace, lotus leaf, metal, and suits, and showing a new male style or no gender style.
Fabrics mainly used are some striated fabrics for formal wear, Tencel fabrics, and lace fabrics. The combination of women’s fabrics with men’s wear as well as the formal wear fabric with other fabrics re-deconstructs the fabrics for formal wear and gives a larger space to the role of different fabrics.

Shelley.qin - NUOYI  
In the integration of design, cherishing the details, making a breakthrough of remodeling, and building a contact between clothing and human make an interpretation of the design concept “clothing is thinking”. Fusion of classic and trendy will show the inner feeling of contemporary female: gentle but full of strength, simple and full of elegance.
The use of various knitted patterns such as laid-in, plaiting, and jacquard makes a rich variety of clothing. In terms of color, the opening begins in the rich sedimentary stone green dotted birch camel, followed by simple and neat fog blue and the elegant transition of black, white, and gray, fragrant and elegant benzene wine brown, rose smoke blend of poppy red, and pearl white.

Liu Wenying -
With the theme of “Beside you”, the series combines the traditional and modern styles, featured by the use of a large number of straps, lace loop, and embroidery, the combination of Retro herringbone pattern and modern style, and modern style and retro elements. The colors used are the natural earth color, while the large color blocks are added a small area of contrast color. Natural color can give your heart ease and happiness.

 - UYEN 
Themed on “Keep It Real, the A/W series are mainly about Hip Hop elements combined with retro and mix-and-match, in order to create a young and dynamic trend. Personalized logo combined with casual decoration of ribbons shows a slightly exaggerated freestyle. The slogan in various forms of splicing, embroidery, and knitting demonstrates visually the expression of the designers’ avant-garde, independent, and fearless theme.
For the autumn and winter clothing, the most important thing in the choice of fabrics is to keep warm and comfortable, thus the pure cotton and space cotton fabrics are used for close-fitting hoodies and overcoats, breathable and comfortable. 

Jiang Zhuojun -
The theme of this release show is “Full Ÿ Solar Eclipse”, expressing that the most precious point is process to advise people to enjoy the happiness in the process of doing anything. The garment style is mainly simple and interesting. The tailoring is carefully designed, so that the combination of plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting makes each piece of clothing both practical and interesting.
The mainly used wool fabric and knitted composite fabric, as well as different color patterns and various texture effects presents different visual effects.

Chacha -
imakokoni kids, as the subline of imakokoni women’s wear, sees its first release covering the spring, summer, autumn and winter wears. The fabric is made of cotton and wool, comfortable and breathable.

 - Left & Right 
The works show the trend of a unisex style through the integration of outdoor and sports elements. Themed on “Travel”, it calls on people to go out for sports to enjoy life.
The fabrics are featured with the use of a large area of warp knitted fabrics. Re-development and the use of a variety of post-process change the feel and thickness of warp knitted fabrics, giving fabric watertight and windproof functionality, while retaining the warp fabric stretch to ensure the comfort and grade of the garments.

Xu Shan -
Theme on “Butterfly”, the use of original patterns, special printing and three-dimensional embroidery, as well as the irregular cut, minimalist and caring design reflects the concept of simple life.
The sub-serie “On The Road” uses facial tassels pattern, meaning that the constantly coming and going people on the road meet and then separate. Also, the use of special jacquard process with sophisticated German ADF machine shows a flowing and solidified picture.

Huang Haibing -
The brand “SU SEAM” for this session is A/W literati men and women series, mainly including black clothing, black cloth bags, black cloth hat, and black shoes, which are made from cotton, linen, silk, and wool, trying to express that creation comes from nature for the pursuit of “Identity of Object and Self , Unity of Heaven and Man” to feel free “Oriental literati Happy Realm”. “SU SEAM” is to create clothing suitable for the people longing for the poetic life with respect to the traditional beauty, based on Chinese excellent culture.


Showroom Ningbo

Tu Jun - joli abattage 
The works are mainly displayed through the trendy colors this autumn and winter, style, fabric, and the details. The combination of the most popular caramel color this year and the Alpaca fabric, creating new fashionable products. The details include the splicing elements, high split, exaggerated turn-down collar, contrast-color design, and pearl elements.

Alpaca fabric is soft and comfortable, and has a good insulation and thermal insulation properties when blended with wool. In addition, Alpaca fabric is of silky luster, high wear resistance, no-pilling, good elasticity, no stagnant water, and anti-solar radiation.
The products display the “flower” pattern elements in 2018 A/W Fabrics China Trend, together with the use of traditional Chinese embroidery technique, highlighting the new Chinese style in the new era. 

The fabric choice is based on practical and decorative considerations, the use of cotton fabric for close fitting and the surface fabric for decoration, altogether 5 layers .
Bao Xinmiao - Designer X Brand  
The design works find a perfect combination of internationalization and Chinese nationalization through the use of the current popular elements and the designer's own fashion icon. Chinese ink painting fabric and international design elements complement each other, marking the prominent highlight of the brand.

The full use of hand-made technique, artist hand-drawing elements, cannot be imitated in the industrial production.



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